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PREMIUM PELLETS are produced exclusively from 100% spruce sawdust without any binders whatsoever.

Not only does this mean a net zero carbon footprint but also ensures that the volume of waste is reduced to a mere 0.5% after incineration.

About Us

PREMIUM PELLETS s.r.o. is a producer and seller of high quality wood pellets for nature friendly heating. Our pellets are produced from certified pure raw materials without any binders or additives. In fact, PREMIUM PELLETS are comprised of 100 % specially compacted bark-free spruce sawdust.

PREMIUM PELLETS are produced in a traditional, nature friendly manner at our fully automated, state-of-the-art facility in the Czech Republic. As a producer with high output capacities, we have been offering premium quality products for highly competitive prices since 2007. In addition, our wood pellets are available in handy 15 kg custom printed bags by request.


A long-time favourite heat source in many countries such as Germany, Austria, Italy or Scandinavia, wood pellets are becoming more and more popular throughout Europe and beyond. And for good reasons!

While the cost of electricity, gas or coal heating has been increasing steadily, pellet prices have remained the same for several years now. Moreover, pellet heating is not only cheap but also environmentally friendly. Pellets are made of sawdust generated as waste in sawmills. The wood used in their manufacture is a renewable and sustainable source of heat. Pellets containing no additives or binders, such as PREMIUM PELLETS, have also a net zero carbon footprint, essentially meaning that the carbon dioxide generated by burning wood was consumed by the tree during oxygen production (photosynthesis). Therefore, pellet heating does not contribute to the greenhouse effect and is environmentally friendly. For these reasons wood pellet boiler subsidies have been introduced all over the EU.


Technical parameters of produced pellets comply with ENplus norm and correspond with A1 quality.

Statement of Commitment to Sustainable pellet production (PDF 270kB)

Certificate ENplus (PDF 131kB)

Inspection Report (PDF 452kB)

Confirmation about certification (PDF 279kB)